On this page you’ll find all the videos I made or all the videos I contributed to.

Do you listen to your heart or your mind?

For the course ‘Audiovisual: video & editing’, we made the opening sequence of a documentary. Me and my group made the sequence about Geert-Jan. He is homosexual, but also religious, so he is constantly living with a dilemma. Does he listen to his heart, which says: ”I love men”? Or does he listen to his head, which says: ”You shouldn’t date men because according to the bible that’s wrong. If you stay alone in this life,  you wil get a better afterlife”?

My contribution to this video:
I had the idea to make this video about Geert-Jan and I helped with shooting and editing the video.

Freddie de faalhaai

In the firs year of MIC, the television channel ZAPP, gave us the assignment to gain more awareness for their event Zapp Your Planet (ZYP). ZYP is trying to raise money to save threatened animal species. Every year, they raise money for a different species. In 2017, ZYP was raising money for endangered sharks.

During ZYP, children can come up with fundraising actions that they organize themselves. They will give the money they receive, to ZYP.

Together with my project group, I made a video to stimulate children to participate to ZYP.

My contribution to this video:
I helped shooting and editing the video and I came up with some ideas for the video. I also took care of a big part of the organization (location, attributes, and so on).